About Us – Thai Cooking School in Bangkok

About Us – Vegetarian – Meat Thai Cooking School in Bangkok


When in Thailand be sure to take in T A, Thailand’s, # 1, vegetarian cooking class experience being  a Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School BKK cooking class. Thailand’s #1 school every  year since 2011!

The Thailand Group Cooking Class in Bangkok that’s for everyone, vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, families with children, accomplished chefs and people that have never cooked before. Everyone enjoys a Chef LeeZ air conditioned stainless steel cookery lesson as they are taught from heart, sharing her life long Thai cuisine training and her professional culinary arts training, teaching all the technique and secrets in a single class which most schools break into multiple classes. That’s Chef LeeZ, for you.

Where you learn in a single group class what would take 3 or more classes elsewhere.

What you should know about us. Thai Cooking School BKK (Bangkok) is the operating arm of Chef LeeZ cookery lesson class in Bangkok, Thailand.   This is the fourth school Chef Lee has setup but the first school without partners.

Chef Lee comes from a poverty stricken Thai national background.  She taught herself English from CD’s and she is now quit possibly the Thailand cooking school instructor with the best English.  She worked for cooking schools that are now her competitors while putting herself through University and now holds a (B.B.A.) bachelor of business administration degree.   She has been cooking since she was 5 making 50 kilos of sticky rice mango daily and helping out with the then family restaurant.  She has several professional chefs in the family whom she consults when she requires their expertise.  She cut diamonds for 14 years before taking on her culinary school teacher training and attaining her Thai Dept. of Skills level 1 chef certification all which lead to her culinary school ownership.  She has completed University level culinary courses in everything she teaches all in preparation for her teaching you with a culinary knowledge and understanding that only comes from personal professional training.

Chef Lee believes every class should be complete in your learning all related techniques and secrets so you can make gourmet vegan, vegetarian or meat Thai cuisine when you return home and over 460 student reviews in under 4 years, that’s more than 1 review every 3 days,  share the fact that this makes her class above the rest.