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Vegetarians, Vegans, Meat Lovers, Families, Children, Chefs
in every Bangkok
cooking school class every year since 2011!.
Over organic student reviews in under 3 years!
Where It's About You, The Student!

It is a fact:
1) That in a single Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School BKK group class you will learn what other schools will make you take 2 or 3 of their classes to learn in a classroom without air conditiong or the cleanliness that our a stainless steel classroom provides, and in a school whose instruction has never earned them a T A #1 school ranking in Bangkok.
2) Chef LeeZ school is a short 20 to 30 minute taxi ride from all popular foreigner hotels.
3) Your taxi ride to Chef LeeZschool, on the meter, will cost near 80 baht and if in rush hour traffic, 100 baht. Leave your hotel at 9am and you miss the rush hour traffic. No tollways No highways as they lead away from central Bangkok and we are in central Bangkok.
4) Know how far, by taxi, you are from your destination and you know what your taxi ride should cost. If their meter runs more than 100 baht for 30 minutes the taxi is running under sized tires and that increases the meter by up to 20% which is also illegal..
5) It is illegal for a taxi driver to say no to a fare and it is llegal for them to say no to the meter. However, they are nicknamed Bangkok's mafia taxis as you will likely have to ask 5 or 6 taxis to find one that will run the meter! 30 minutes in a taxi on the meter costs 100 baht!
6) If you agree to a non meter ride you will pay up to 500% more than the same ride on the meter and you make it harder for the next tourist to get a taxi to run the meter as the drivers gain face, in their stories, as to how much they stole from tourists that day

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